Back to My Old Self

I would like to thank everyone who asked about my teeth. I am doing quite well. I am also somewhat less silly as I have had my last dose of pain killer (which is really too bad because it’s good stuff.)  I’ve been quite unlike myself, cuddling and being nice and it’s so not me.  Suppose this gets out?  Whatever will this do to my campaign?  However, I am willing to overcome this potential addiction and move on with my life and get back to business.

Still, I’m a bit sleepy and I am off to take a nap where the woman can’t get to me with more of that darned medicine stuff. I’m sick of medicine.


  1. We fink that showing your more gentle and loving side will strike a cord with the Mommy vote. That may push you ofurr the top in the election.

  2. Oh good you’s not takin brainkillers no more. We wouldn’t want you to gets addicted cuz that’d be bad for a Purresidential candydate. Well, course it’d just be plain bad for you. We’s furry glad you’s back to your normal luvable self. 🙂
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

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