Back from the Dentist

I am home. I had to have to two teeth extracted which added a substantial sum to the bill. The woman is rather freaked out as I am only about three years old and already I have cost her a small fortune on my teeth. She is concerned that if I keep loosing them at this rate, I’ll be toothless by the time the election roles around (and we wouldn’t want that).   She’ll also be broke.

At any rate, to punish me, she is sticking syringes full of gunk down my throat four times a day.   Twice there are antibiotics and then twice there’s this really good stuff that’s apparently a pain killer.  Really though, it just makes me want to lay around and purr on everyone. I am quite unlike myself right now.  I can see how this is addictive though. I am soo happy.

On another note, there was a space for a write in candidate on the Man’s mail in ballot (the woman goes down to the voting place) and he wrote me in for Representative 1.  I’ve got my first vote even before I’ve started officially running for office.

I’m soo happy.

But I think it’s the drugs.


  1. Chey – sorry about having the teef pulled out. sounds like you gotted some good ‘scription nip to help wif the pain.

    Concatulations on getting your ferst vote!

    Oh, btw- tell your mommy that it costs $730 to make a cat poop. That is what mommy hadded to pay the v-e-t one time when Norton was constipated. She hadded to take him to the v-e-t efurry 4-6 weeks and pay anofurr 80-100 dollars each time, for 3 years. Just be glad you can poop.

  2. Giggle Giggle.. that musta hurt. I’m not sure I can think about what they must have done giggle giggle. I suspect when the drugs wear off I wouldn’t want it done.

    At any rate, the teeth: $600. Poop $730.

    The Love of a cat: Priceless.

    For feline dentistry and cat poop there’s master card.

    For cat love: no cat loves on credit!

  3. hehehe Glad to see you’re in fine fettle Chey. And more glad you’re doing good. 🙂
    Boni, Sanjee, Gree, Pepi and Mini

  4. I’m glad you’re home! Yup, I was a Master Card kitty for a long time myself. I am a $2,000.00 kitten and that is just for the femur. Meowmy stopped keeping track when the head tilt rolled around. Meowmy says the vet is her best friend that she pays lots of money to hang out with. I don’t think he’s worth it.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re home and everything went well!

  5. Hi Chey

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Yes, we all cost a lot of $$$, don’t we? But we’re worth it!

    Tomorrow 9/12 is our primary voting day in Whisk-onsin. We’re telling Mom to write you in if there’s an empty line!

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