A Post About Food

Many of you were very surprised that Newman’s Own had a cat food. Indeed they do. In fact, you can see the woman’s comparison here. The dry food ranks just below Solid Gold, which is recommended by many naturopathic veterinarians. It’s all organic. Newman’s Own is more commercial. However, when the woman was researching food, she found that they actually had higher fat than Solid Gold (good for cats) and for seniors had one of the lowest levels of protein and phosphorus which is good for older cats. The only problem? None of her cats, at the time, would eat it. As the Old Iggy Cat ate just about anything (including pistachio shells) this was saying something.

However, she always found that her cats liked the Newman’s Own Canned food (and yes, I do!). It’s a little more expensive but some of the profits go to an animal charity (which she liked about the dry as well). They have human quality foods in the food and it is organic (very important). At any rate, I didn’t mean to run off on foods, but it is one of my favorites. It is available online–the page has links to a place to buy it. Just click on the food. It’s also avalable at many organic food stores and co ops. She used to get it at Wild Oats in the Portland area, (Seattle has no Wild Oats). She can get it at PCC (People’s Community Co op, a local store). She has not seen it at Whole Foods, which is another reason she is underwhelmed by them. She found it at her local natural food pet store, both in Seattle and in Portland. She thinks she remembers getting it at New Seasons, but that may be a local Portland area store.

Yes, buying from my site will help my campaign! Remember, I talked to the Newman’s about funding it! At any rate here are some direct links for those of you who are really interested:
Newman’s Own Organics Cat & Kitten Dry 3 lb.
Newman’s Own Organics Senior Cat Dry 6.5 lb.
Newman’s Own Chicken & Salmon Canned Cat 5.5 oz. Can

Bon Appetite!


  1. Sounds yummy to me!
    ~~ Mini

  2. Fank you Chey! We will haf our mommy look for it to see if we likes it.

  3. Sounds tasty! We get Innova Evo dry (it has no fillers) and sometimes we get Merrick wet food (we don’t eat much wet food). A good food is very important to keep kitties happy and healthy! Glad you gets the good stuff for your silky meezer fur!

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