A mistake

The woman has been saying that the 12th was voting day here but it turns out that voting day isn’t until the 19th.   So she let me post that voting thing on my blog and it’s not even voting day. In fact, I WALKED the mile and a half to the school to vote to find children there thinking I was just lovely.   I had the indignity of being picked up BY ANIMAL CONTROL (I am SO not an animal) and taken back to my house. It wouldn’t have been so bad, except they put me in the back of the truck and I didn’t have a window.

The woman thought it was funny. Now I hope that next week, when it really is voting day, my voter registration card will mean something.  Otherwise, I’ll be writing about my voting rights being disenfranchised… And that won’t be good.

In the mean time, I decided to bite the woman. It was the least I could do…


  1. Oh that’s the poops, Chey!!! Sowwy you hadded such a bad time wif the woman gettin confused bout votin day n all.

    ~~ Sanjee

    PS I don fink it’s funny dat Miles Mom called him a Klingon neither, dat’s why I putted up that fing showin he’s handsum an not like a klingon at all! I was proovin it wif pikshurs!

  2. Our mommy writed you in for Senator in our state. She didn’t care that you don’t live here.

  3. What would have happened when you got there? Do they let cats register to vote?


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