Shed Ender

I was surfing around online and I saw this thing called Shed Ender. It looks wonderful. Here it’s a way to stop cats from shedding (a problem, I don’t have or a problem that troubles ME only minimally) without shaving them. I mean Gemini has been running around the house like crazy saying that the woman was going to shave her!

Shed Ender is a special comb like thingy that means that cats don’t have to shed so much any more. Georgia sheds like crazy you know and then she vomits all those hairballs back up! I’d think the woman would jump at a chance for a product like this. No more carpet cleaning. No more having to pick up old fur balls! Georgia even likes to be brushed. What could be better?

Gemini is still suspicious of the whole comb and brush thing but as she grows up she’ll come around. I mean, imagine the kind of hairballs the puff will have? Woman, just go out and get a Shed ender and save yourself some grief on that little cat. She’s really not going to sit still for you to shave her just go…


  1. Chey

    My Momma brought the Shed Ender…and it doesn’t werk all that well.

    Also come check out some of our favorite poses for the yoga video…blogger wouldn’t let us put all the poses on…grrrrr


  2. Chey…when we clicked on the link all we got was a payperpost page that wanted our login information.

  3. hey Chey, Mini told me to look at this gizmo, but the link isn’t working. Help please? Thanks! Mom Robyn of the House of the Mostly Black Cats

  4. we is glad we dont’ shed. So is mommy

  5. My apologies. This started out as a post for payperpost, but they were having a hard time finding my blog–in fact they still tell me that the url doesn’t work (it’s the same place all you came in from.. so I guess you aren’t really here!) so I guess none of my links were working. I have taken it off for now and we’ll see what happens…

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