More Calls

I have heard back from a couple of you, but in case people aren’t reading my blog (though why they wouldn’t, I can’t imagine), I think it only fair to give them a chance, so if you have a moment to mention that I am looking for particularly good cat stretches in your entries, that would be fantastic.

Best entries will of course be one of the first to try out the toys that will be installed in the White House once I”m elected…


  1. Sorry Chey! Mom was away yesterday so we couldn’t use the computer. We’ll check our pictures and mention your request on our blog.

  2. Chey, what a grreat idea! I’ve been doin great stretches an trying to get Mom to take a pictor, but she didn’t unnerstand it was fur you! I’ll get right on it tonight. I stretch on my back wif my front end twisted to the right an my back end twisted to the left, or the other way. It feels sooooooo gooooood that way!

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