Lost and Found

Well I found the html for the automatic updates on the Thursday 13 but putting that code in decided to eat my Thursday Thirteen post. I have a backup somewhere but last time we tried to update from the backup, it ate the whole blog and the woman didn’t have the patience for that!  So she said no way. It’s one post.

Then she lost Gemini.  Gemini did not like the chihuahua and then when it was gone the cleaning girl came and the woman was gone.  Gemini hid and did not come out all day.  The woman was going crazy.  She even gave me canned food on the early side and the cat didn’t appear.  She was sure she was dead or had gotten out somewhere. Of course, the man found the cardboard piece that he had over an old vent was loose so they were certain she had gotten out there.  Fortunately, she was just hiding behind the dryer.

The woman is not pleased.   I, however, am secretly pleased. It means I’ll be getting a bit more food tonight!


  1. So you did find the automatic link tool? This is what I do:

    1) Go to http://www.blenza.com/linkies/
    2) Create your own username and password
    3) Once you have signed in, go to “widgets” and click the circle next to “WordPress” and then select “Original Auto-Linkies”.
    4) Copy:
    5) Paste it under in your template
    6) Copy the autolink script and paste it into your post where you want it.

    Let me know if you need any more help.

  2. Bah! For number 4, copy the header script which you will see once you have followed steps 1-3.

  3. Bad bad code to eat your Thursday 13 post!!!
    We’s glad Gemini didn’t get losted outside. It’s skeery and dangerous out there!
    Sanjee and the rest of the Hot(M)BC kitties

  4. we is glad Georgia didn’t run away! Maybe that will put a stop to visiting woofies.

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