I can’t believe I ate the Whole Thing

I was out of sorts today.  I was snoozing and kind of licking my chops because I was slightly nauseaus all morning.   As I am quite the pig, I probably ate too much too fast.  But it was SO good.  It just isn’t as good when it comes back up. Or worse, when it doesn’t but it just sits there taking up too much space in the tummy.

The woman found the vomit and she knew it was me.  At first she thought it was someone else, but then when she found me looking puny, well she knew I had actually given in and eaten a bit of the dry food.  However, I inhaled like I always do and well dry food expands in the tummy if you eat it too fast and then I was sick… I guess it’s a problem with Wedgie headed cats.

At any rate, she was less than sympathic after she realized I just ate too much.


  1. Mommy says that The One Who Came Before always did that – he would eat all the dry food and then drink a lot of water, then barf all ofurr the house. then beg for more food.

  2. So dry food expands in the tummy, huh? Maybe that’s why I throw up so much…and I always blamed it on my delicate stomach.


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