Excerpts from My Yoga Video

Amazon has been chomping at the bit to get this released. The preorders are in the millions. It’s coming out in just a week but as it’s my video, I have previews. I’d like to thank Abby, Boo and Ping for being such great yoga students and demonstrating for me. Abby, particularly has a lovely stretch. Gemini and Georgia also did a great stretch.

I’m through the video, giving hints like this

“You Go Gemini, just a little more!”

Naturally I also demonstrate some of the more complicated poses but to get that, you’ll have to buy it.

Oh look, here’s Abby doing the cello pose:

She looks great, doesn’t she? She even makes it look easy with that washing while she does it. Not all cats can do it that well and Gemini failed miserably the first 84 times we tried that shot. Abby just sat there and went for it. The cello gives a wonderful deep stretch into the rear leg and also works those hips. A cat can’t have hips that are too flexible and this is an important pose to be able to hold. You go Abby girl!

This is a great balance pose by Ping. Notice how his body is flowing around but isn’t really on the floor nor standing. This is a difficult pose to hold and he holds it well for at least three or four breaths. I dare any of you to do that!

Boo’s not to be outdone in the balancing. Look at those hind legs go! This is a tough one to hold. Alas we didn’t get quite a full body photo but he is required to be reaching up with his paws as if to grab. This is not only a balance pose but is one of the best stretch poses for pulling through the entire spine and loosening everything up.

Now, of course I will autograph any of the videos that you wish to have autographed. I can’t speak for Abby, Boo and Ping so you will all have to ask them. Gemini will be thrilled if anyone wants her print. Georgia is also featured in the end part where we modify some of these poses for the elderly, though she argues that she is still plenty fit and can do all the poses as they are meant to be! She is also happy to do any signings, but as she puts, she doubts anyone will need her signature as she’s not the real star.

As I did do a casting call and so few of you took me up on that, I assume this is the perfect video to get you all in shape!


  1. Wow Chey, that looks great! Any my sweet Abby is in it! WOO HOO. We is sorry that we didn’t gets our pikshurs done in time. Mommy was too sicky to get them up, and Dread Pirate Blogger wasn’t any help eifur

  2. Chey! Are you still accepting yoga pictures? Our Mom’s been so slow in getting our stuff together, but I had a few I wanted to send if it’s not too late.

    Maxwell Smartkitty

  3. Um. Ok, we’s lazy. We prolly needs your viddy-oh. Why is Mommy noddin when I types that? MooOOOOOOMMMMmmmmy! Stop laffin. ‘Scuse me Chey, I gots to go ignore Mommy now.
    ~~ Sanjee

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