Chey sinks into despair

I overheard the woman (okay so I bugged her phone–just practicing for my political career), talking to her friend Kathy who is coming to visit. Apparently Belle will be joining her.   Now, most people wouldn’t find Belle any problem.  Unfortunately, Belle is a chihuahua.  I am not fond of dogs.  I find that they are too high energy and detract attention away from me.

I have sunk into a deep depression from which I am sure I will waste away and be unable to ever function again.  To top it off, payperpost is still examining my blog to find out why they can’t find and then perhaps allow me to submit the Shed Ender post I wrote for them.   All those pennies down the drain!  Ah me.

I could really USE some canned food here WOMAN!!!!


  1. A Chihuahua? Come on, Chey…you can whip a Chihuahua!

  2. You have my sympathies, Chey. I suggest you take all your posessions and move into a motel while the dog visits…or if that’s not possible, at least demand an area in your house where you can relax and your privacy won’t be invaded by a (ugh!) dog!


  3. we agree wif George – demand a Belle-free zone.

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