Cats who Flip Flop

I have been hard at work studying (and napping) old presidential campaigns. I have come across a frightening thing. John Kerry was perceived as a flip flopper.  This is because he would vote one way on certain bills and then another on other bills that may have had some of the same things in them.

If the country really won’t go for this, it could hurt my chances of winning the presidency–or that of any other feline. I mean,  does this mean that we will be scrutinized every time we apply law number 42–whatever is on the other side of the door is more interesting?  Does this mean that every kitten who has applied tactics of human training 101, where they refuse to eat anything but one food and then just as the owner stocks up on that ONE food, it’s the one thing we refuse to eat, could be considered a flip flopper?

Cats are by nature changable and inscrutible.   Can they use that against me?

The good news is that I don’t look French.

The good news is that even if we happen to have a quarrel with Thailand, schools in the US are so poorly funded most people won’t know that Thailand used to be Siam.

The good news is that I am far less boring than Al Gore seemed.

The best news, is of course, that the Senate will be voting on a Cat’s Rights bill this next week so that we too can vote.   Let’s hear it for feline solidarity!  After all, we understand that changing one’s mind is a cat’s perogative.


  1. We reserve the right to change our minds on any subject, at any time, without prior notice or approval!

  2. i like flipping and sammy loves to flop! – Miles

  3. you are a wickedly funny kitty–we adore your sense of the absurd (that is to say, of the current political atmosphere);-)

  4. and your blog tag line: “where meezers talk” — we had a balinese/siamese brother once, and having known him, we wonder if there’s anywhere meezers don’t talk?

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