I feel I must respond to Kukka-Maria’s comment. It’s not that I can’t take a chihuahua, it’s more that I don’t see the point. I mean it’s not as if it’s large enough to eat. Certainly, even if it was and I tried, I’d be the one in trouble even though she’s a dog for heaven’s sake! UGH.

Also, there is the issue of why expend the energy. She’s a yappy little thing. As she runs around and I have to defend myself (always taking care to NOT harm her) I could easily break a nail.

It’s also a known fact that chihuahuas don’t sleep. Never. Ever. They run and yap the entire time they are around. They are like the energizer bunny but at least with the energizer bunny the batteries might run down someday. This does not happen with chihuahuas. It’s a known fact that cats need sleep and I am cranky just thinking of going for that long without sleep.

It’s not as if I have help. Georgia will growl from under the bed (duh? Hello. Get ON the bed. The dog can’t get there) and perhaps swat at the dog if she gets too close. Gemini will hide under the dresser, which is really amazing considering how big she looks and how small that under the dresser area is. Even as thin as I am, I’m not comfortable under there. So that leaves me to supervise (as usual). My work is never done!

The good news is that payperpost now thinks I exist.    I guess we weren’t all crazy, thinking we were reading a blog by a Siamese after all.


  1. Thanks for clearing that up for me, Cheysuli! I get the whole manicure thing!

  2. oh, yappy dogs are no fun. Mommy doesn’t ‘llow woofies in our house ‘acause we don’t feel comfortable wif them.

  3. I’s glad we aren’t all crazy. I’s not sure about Mommy, tho. She says she’s going crazy all the time. You can come visit wif us while the chihuathingy is visiting.

  4. I can tell you from experience with my nemisis, Shasta, that a few well-placed smacks on the nose will do the trick. Keep your claws honed to needle sharpness and you’ll have no problems in showing Belle her place! And for heavens sake Gemini, get ON the bed!


  5. Chihuahuas and Siamese are fun to watch. It’s a symbiotic relationship. When humans aren’t looking they are very affectionate toward each other although both would deny that to the end.

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