Been Paid

A couple of weeks ago I was paid by Payperpost. Although we had some trouble getting my url to work for the next post I wanted to write for them, they had no trouble finding my paypal account, which made me quite happy. I am pleased to say that my writing about them (and blogging for profit, which I am sure will come back to haunt me in my campaign) resulted in my first $10.00. The woman can’t touch it. It’s MINE MINE MINE. I think I will give to Patches Lady to invest as she is doing all sorts of financial consulting.

At any rate, payperpost is once again asking bloggers to write that they have been paid and so I have. I’ve only made about $10.00 from them as I don’t want to use this blog exclusively to promote items that are mostly of no interest to cats. Most of us can’t use that information about Hawaiian travel. So I try and choose my opportunities wisely. Besides, I’m not particularly trusting and didn’t want to be out there writing for all these companies and not get paid for it. I waited the time frame they have set out to hold my funds. I have to keep a post on my blog for 30 days before I get paid for it. They paid me promptly.

No doubt the woman will want me to start writing more and doing more blog advertising whether I want to or not. She is quite the slave driver, don’t you all think?


  1. I would love to be a part of your economy department.

    Patches Lady

  2. Why thank you Patches Lady. That will be a load off my mine!

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