Bast Comes to Visit.

I had a lovely weekend, just sunning myself and eating and snoozing. While I was snoozing, I was visited by Bast. She is of course, lovely. Of course the Goddess Bast doesn’t just visit any feline. She finds some of us way too unenlightened. In fact, that’s why, with the exception of the occassional cat person who has actually LEARNED something from their cats, she isn’t real thrilled with human worshippers.

Personally I worship no one. I am, afterall, Siamese.

This is what Bast loves about me.

She has told me that with my talents and creativity that I must take this world to a better place. I have a unique understanding and ability to go out and lead that isn’t true of every creature. She’s quite impressed. In fact, she says it’s her will that I should be president.

I’m so glad that she is validating my decision to run.

Oh, and Miles… she says that ham is great but sometimes you’ll have to eat other stuff because ham and only ham isn’t good for you. However, she does think that you ought to get a bit of ham for helping out Trixie…


  1. Bast knows ’bout me? oh! how ‘aciting to have a Goddess know ’bout me! I do eat all my stinky goodness efurry day, and some crunchies too. Lately, Mommy has been cutting back my ham, and I’m not pleased, but she says that i’m gettng FAT. HRMPH. – Miles

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