After the Election

The woman went to see a movie last night and came back telling me all about a cautionary tale of a comedian who runs for president.  The comedian is played by Robin Williams.  At any rate, the teasers is that the election is just the beginning and there is a lot of work to do afterwards.

I think she is warning me.  I mean the election part of it is the part I will no doubt glory in.   I am after all famous. I love the limelight.  I have no secrets.  I have no skeletons and of course, I am wonderful so everyone will enjoy talking to me.   However, there is the afterward.  I will have to pick a cabinet. She said their numbers were something like 8,000 appointees.  I guess that means that every cat in the blogsphere will have a job… even Gemini.

Also, she has promised that as the First Human Pet (I have decided this is a better name than OWNER or woman–thank you Zeus), she will redecorate the  White House with lots of cat trees, window ledges and places to climb up and investigate the ceiling.  We’re thinking of putting the velcro on the ceiling of the oval office.

I’m  not sure what the secret service will do with me once we win.  Guarding cats is not usually their forte which means they will need special training on our special needs.   I look forward to wandering around the rose garden. I wonder about climbing some of those trees. Certainly the contract that the Woman signed to keep me indoors won’t be valid if I’m president, will it?


  1. OH OH OH OH OH – velcro on the ceiling? I’d be the happiest kitty efurr! I may just faint wif happiness! – Miles

    Besides Minister of Ham (or agriculture, whatever) you can make Miles the Offical Drama Queen of the White House. – Sammy

  2. Well, surely you’d have to venture out of the White House from time to time, but we feel you’d be quite safe in the Presidential motorcade or aboard Air Force One.

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