A nice napping spot

The woman has noticed that I have found a fluffy ball on which to sleep.  No one else uses it. She said Georgia used to like it but hasn’t used it in a long time. I like it because it’s warm and soft and in a spot where I can see everyone but they can’t see me.  Always a plus.

She said it’s by something called a fire place and that it will be next to a very warm spot. I think I could enjoy this new place.Now if the man would just stop annoying me, ON PURPOSE…


  1. he annoys you ON PURPOSE? can you turn him in to the authorities? Maybe it will be like “scarit strait” and he won’t annoy you anymore. – Miles

    That might be a little drastic, but a well placed poop on somefing he owns might get the message across. – Sammy

  2. Warm and soft and hidey is gooooooooood 🙂

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