A Light Hearted Break

This is my playful pose. I decided that there’s been so much stress over the last few days and the humans are working hard and other humans are sad that I would be silly.

I have been chasing Gemini all over the house. I attacked Georgia and then I cuddled on the Woman’s lap. I do get cuddly sometimes.

I did however, inhale my food and then I vomited it back up last night and the woman wasn’t very happy at all. I’m also not happy that she used the term inhale.  After all, now I can’t say I never inhaled, when obviously I did.

Even Georgia is in a mood. She’s been quite silly and has been attacking things when they get to close. It’s rather fun to watch this old kitty get silly.   We are still sad about Miss Trixie but sometimes you just have to get some silliness out of your system.


  1. Chey, you are abso-loo-tly right – efen if you’re sad, you still need to get silly. Miles and I did some rasslin on the bed this morning at 4:30 so that Mommy wouldn’t fink we were just going to mope around and let her sleep. – Sammy

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