It’s been almost a year since I came to live with the woman. Neither of us remembers the exact date, though she is certain she can look it up and find out.

At any rate, while I had planned to announce a small party, it would not be in good taste. Miss Trixie crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. Our thoughts are with the Miles and Sammy and their humans.

It reminds me of what luck I have had in my life. The breeder who bred me and had be breed other kittens was kind. Her kennels were clean and I had the run of the house with the other females. Her males got plenty of attention in another are especially for them, though they didn’t get out as often. She found good homes for each of us when we were past our breeding years and we were spayed and neutered.

My home was a long way from there. It was almost a 6 hour drive home and the rain was horrible. I didn’t eat for over a day. The woman didn’t know me well enough to know how worrisome that SHOULD have been. I finally started to come around and I have finally become a somewhat friendly cat. I count my blessings that I am in a home where the woman is easily trained and even the man, though he enjoys annoying me from time to time. He just hates to be ruled. I am very lucky for there will be people here who will cry when I, myself, cross the Rainbow Bridge. There are many cats for whom this is not true.

Please go visit the Meezers and give them your condolences.


  1. Chey, Trixie would have LOVED a party – you didnt’ have to cancel your plans on her account. Concatulations on your gotcha day anniversary. It sounds like it’s been a rough year, but you do have your furrever home, and that is the most wonderful fing.

  2. Oh, I’m sure to have a party, but perhaps in a few weeks. Seeing I don’t know the exact date after all. We will be over to give Miles and Sammy headbutts and purrs and perhaps chase them around a bit so they aren’t so sad.

  3. Happy gottcha-time of year! I agree, it is a sad day here since the Meezer’s lost Trixie to the Rainbow Bridge.

    I’m glad to hear things are progressing well training the humans. Sounds like you’ve lived a life filled with glamour.

  4. We’d love to come to your party when you do have it. Email and let us know and we’ll post the date on the Cat Blogosphere if you want. Or we’ll keep it secret hehehe See you at the Meezer’s over the next couple of days.
    ~~ Boni

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