Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things you might not know about ME
1. Although I am a chocolate point Siamese, I am not edible.
2. I like to stretch (oh, you think you knew that from the yoga video?)
3. I like to scratch on the stairs, dragging my body across the floor.
4. I like to chew on Gemini’s fur.
5. I’m actually quite a love when I put my mind to it.
6. I had three litters of purebred kittens before I came to my present home.
7. I once lived with a dachshound (but he was not the father of any of my children!)
8. My mother’s name was Guenivere and my father was Strider the Ranger
9. I am named after a fantasy book by Jennifer Roberson.
10. I eat so fast you can hide pills in my food.
11. I went for over a day when the woman first adopted me without eating.
12. I found the automatic litter box fascinating.
13. I am the boss in my house.
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  1. It must be a Meezer fing to skratch the stairs and drag yourself along them. Bof Sammy and I do it all the time – but none of mommy’s ofur cats efurr did it.

  2. You know, they are constantly trying to eat me too….but I’m not chocolate, I’m a seal point. Meezers rule!!!!!

  3. I find it fascinating that you don’t notice medication in your food! No one can make me eat pills. As soon as I find them, I spit them right back out!

    Terrific list, Cheysuli! I don’t know if you did this or not, but make sure to submit your Thursday Thirteen every week to the main blog so everyone else can have a chance of reading this!

  4. “I am the boss in my house”.

    I know ALL about that-I live with 3 bosses myself. 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my TT

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