The Day After

I am EXHAUSTED.  Riding on a float is hard work.  We got most of it up and running just fine for the morning parade. It’s a short parade as Sammamish is only about two blocks long… We certainly weren’t going to march to Issaquah!  So that was good.  But I must have waved my paw a thousand times.  There were people lining the street, although they may have just wanted to make a quick run to the grocery store and were waiting to get home…

Gemini worked very hard and impressed me.  Usually she gets all excited but isn’t that useful.  However, she managed to stay focused (although she jumped when the loudest fireworks sounded) and get the work done. She threw treats to the crowds and the cats went wild!  I guess the Woman knows how to pick them!

I threw out lots of upcoming buttons advertising that cats will be on the ballot in a couple of years.   I had people with flyers about specism.   It’s an exciting time to be a cat, folks!


  1. The fact that you’re a celebrity in your home town and people turned out in droves to get a glimpse of you is good news. Now, you have to expand on that. Will you release any pictures to the press?

  2. Weren’t you skeered of the noisy things? What hat did you pick out to wear for the parade? Aren’t you skeered you’ll fall off the float into the water?
    Enquiring kitties (at least one) want to know!

    ~~ Sanjee

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