So Much Work

Although the woman is going away later today, she is having that young woman come in and clean.  This means that I will have to supervise the whole time.   She takes a long time to clean too, which is frustrating because I just can’t get my nap until she is done and my nap is important.

The woman has told me that if we had one of those homes that I feel is appropriate for my lifestyle that there would be someone to clean that too and I’d have to supervise.  In fact, she says that there would probably be someone living in to clean and cook!  While this sounds nice, I’m not sure I’d get any rest.

I’m off to take a pre-supervision nap…


  1. Our Mom does her own cleaning, but I know what you mean about supervising. On Saturdays, when she goes around vacuuming and cleaning up, I just can’t get any rest at all! I’m always glad when she leaves for the grocery store and I can get a nap.


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