Pay Per Post — my Punishment?

I’ve been allowed back on. Of course, there is a penalty. I have to write about something called” It’s a place where you are paid to post when you are blogging. There are many opportunities to write about different products to get the word out. The woman insisted upon joining it and has decided that *I* will have to write about these products as part of my punishment. She calls it earning my keep.

Is it not enough that I have my own website where I sell products? Now I have to write for a living too? Several of her online friends are writing for payperpost and are getting paid for it. She is not sure we are willing to endorse such an idea until we find out if we really get paid. It could just be a set up, to get lots of folks to their site. However, if they do pay, it could be a reasonable way to make a few extra dollars when blogging, something I do anyway.

I do hope, though, that if they actually pay, she starts a blog where she can post for”  as I prefer to post my own ideas and my own thoughts and not be beholden to some company. Once we get this little post over to them and they verify it, we will be $10.00 richer. She is considering spending the money on me. How’s that for an easy way to make some money!

Certainly Kukka-Maria with her business ventures and Zeus with his Amazing adventures will make far more than I will. However, I guess as punishments go this isn’t too bad. I mean I can advertise. I think I have the looks to promote products like” . And of course, I do have opinions. They didn’t care that I think it’s stupid to write about getting paid to write. I can even say that. Of course, I don’t really think it’s stupid to get paid to write. I’m just not sure that they will. I can say that too. Of course I can then go on and tell you how I *was* paid when the money comes into the woman’s paypal account. I, myself, do not have a paypal account, probably because I can’t get a bank account or a credit card (specists!).

I guess this will have to do for a job. After all, how many jobs are there for cats? Napping just isn’t paid the way it should be. I guess I’ll get paid to post. Or at least help the woman get paid to post… Of course, this whole paid to say something could be bad for my image as a presidential candidate in 2008…


  1. WORK? Is your Mom nuts?!?! Gee, poor Cheysuli. I fink I’m going to have to hide these links from my Mom. I don’t want her getting any cute ideas like making me work for a living. Just being a cat should be enough.

    ~~ Boni

  2. So…apparently it isn’t enough for your mother that you’re running a presidential campaign with just a little help from your blogging friends. Now she demands you earn your keep? Shameful. Better watch out for this, Chey. Some voters take a dim view of political kickbacks!

    But, the good news is you probably can get your own credit card. We’ve heard of instances where dogs were sent applications…why not cats!!

  3. a JOB? how degrading Chey! that’s just WRONG.

  4. You furgot to say, “I’m Cheysuli and I approve this message.” All the ofur catidates haf to say that. Chey, I respect you an will vote fur u on yur own merrits, not becuz you blog products I like. An Mom’s gonna check out that BlogfurPay. Don’t know why… free bloggin has already brot in bunches of new toys an treats fur free or trade.

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