New living arrangements or a better service?

Well the woman was up early today to get out and about. I went back to sleep. In fact, the man wasn’t even out of bed when she left.   I suppose I could have gotten attention from him, but well… you’ve heard how I feel about him.

It’s too bad the presidential campaign will be so expensive.  I’d love to get a place of my own.   I know Kukka-Maria is also looking, but I just can’t see the two of us living in the same quarters, though perhaps we could afford our lifestyle a bit better with a roommate.  We seem far too much alike and need far too much attention from the servants.

The woman doesn’t see herself as a servant though.  Perhaps that’s my problem. Perhaps I need to set out a list of things that I need her to do and times in which I expect them done.  She’s a rather high maintenance servant though, if I have to go through all that work.   Ah humans.   They can be so slow sometimes.


  1. You know, I’ve been doing training for 9 years and still feel there’s so much to be done. Don’t get discouraged, Chey. Posting a list is a good first step in outlining your needs, both short & long term.


  2. Can I come live wif you in your apartment? You won’t lock me in the dungeon for 2 hours will you? – Sammy

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