My Needs are Modest

Hmm… I think this tells me what my human thinks of me. I really need to get out.  Sammy, you are welcome to come live with me if I can swing this apartment thing.   The woman went to that Street of Dreams place and noticed a lovely little house of only 6800 square feet that had a perfect little garden where I could sun myself and she wouldn’t worry that I would just take off.   She did not immediately pay cash for this as the perfect place.

She has a number of excuses, which range from the idea that there wasn’t a great place for a litter box.   I tink the dancing laundry room, the wine cellar and perhaps at the top of the turret were all perfect places. She thinks that the kitchen is too big.  Too big?  She could keep more food around for me!  She thinks it’s too big to clean… as if she cleans here–she hires a girl to come in.   Lazy woman.   So she was just about out of excuses, when she said she couldn’t afford it.  It was ONLY 3.8 million.   I mean I realize it sounds like a lot but it was on some land where she could have a vinyard and an orchard, thus cutting food costs for her and the man.   Also, what ELSE is she doing with her money? It certainly isn’t helping me with my campaign.

I just don’t know when I’ll get this human trained that my needs are all that matters and if she has to sell her left kidney to meet them, then she should just jump to.


  1. I’ll ask my Mommy when she gets home if she has enuf money for the house. – Sammy

  2. $3.8 mil? Once you serve your term and leave office, you’ll be able to afford that and more. Just look at what Bill & Hill were able to do!

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