My Figure

Now, as someone pointed out, I think about food a lot and yet I stay slim and trim.  My figure, if I may say so myself, is to die for.   I am working on my own yoga video.  It will be entitled, Yoga With Cats. I believe there is already a Yoga With Dogs, but as they have missed cats, it’s obviously a specist company.

I, however, do not do yoga regularly. I just move on my own.  How I move, how I keep my metabolism up there and how I keep my perfect figure, well those are all secrets in my new book, Siamese Females Don’t Get Fat.

Chapter One:  So You Want a Figure Like a Siamese

Chapter Two: Eating What You Want When You Want

Chapter Three: The Importance of Good Nutrition

Chapter Four: Maximizing Your Natural Exercise Program

Chapter Five: The Importance of Weight Training

Chapter Six: Any Cat Can Have the Metabolism of the Siamese

I hope that each of you is inspired by my eating wisdom and my ideas.  It should be available on and Barnes and Noble in time for Christmas. It could be the perfect gift for that hard to buy for cat!


  1. Hi Chey. Have you seen this website?

    The kitty is pretty, but not so impressed with the guy!

    Canberra BK

  2. Will is werk for boy cats? Mommy grabbed my tummy when I was standing next to her and saided that I had a “pooch” and then giggled it back and forf. it was hoomiliating. – Miles

  3. Miles, I would think that as a fellow Siamese, you should be particularly well suited to such a book.

    Canberra BK, ummm I do take a slightly more active approach in my videos and am more than just a prop…

  4. Ohhhh when is it comin out Chey? I wanna get it! I wanna be sleek like a Siamese too!

  5. As a public figure, it’s very important that you watch YOUR figure. Siamese are naturally slim anyway, aren’t you? Me…well, if my belly sways when I run, so what? I’m not giving up licking an occasional ice cream bowl just to impress strangers.


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