I…er.. Meezers Are the Champions.

So apparently Derby has issued a challenge to cats to write songs about other cats in the blogsphere. I have a song, but it’s about me. So I’ve decided to generalize it:

(Sung to “We Are the Champions”)

“Meezers are the Champions my friends.We’ll keep on eating ’til the end.

Meezers are the champions.

Meezers are the champions

No Time for loosers ’cause Meezers are the champions of the world. ”

Of course when I originally wrote it, it was I am the Champion. I thought it made a great campaign song as well.


  1. of course meezers are the champions. and it’s a great campaign song. Total world domination!

  2. Very nice, Chey. Even I, not being a meezer, can appreciate such a fine song.


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