I Get No Respect.

Well I checked payperpost today and they approved the last post and said I should be getting the deposit to the Woman’s paypal account in 30 days.  She has promised to set this money aside and help me fund my presidential campaign… Thanks Woman. I’d have expected more than this pittance from you!

So now I know what the family thinks of me. I am a work horse. I have a famous face. I run for president.  They just take and take and take.  So I eat a bit more than my fair share of food?  Survival of the Fittest, Woman.

So I block the door and cause Georgia to think twice about coming in.  TOUGH!  If she wants to stay out, let her.  She can take a raccoon or a dog.  I’m sure she can!

So I steal the sleeping spots of Georgia and Gemini.  They need to get off their behinds and help me work around here!  I’m the one working, remember?

You use my blog, my words to make money.  You use my fame to make money–did I not just bring in some more cash for you from my website?  You use me, Woman. I should get more respect.

By the way, I appreciate all the words of support from my fans..


  1. So the presidential campaign chest will start off with $10.00. Are you sure you can trust the Woman not to spend the money on HERSELF!!

  2. Chey, maybe you should come live wif us, our mommy doesn’t make us get jobs.

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