How does it look?

Everyone had such good ideas about this house thing.  I think it’s perfect. Someone asked Gemini is there would be room for them and I have no doubt we could have quite a good cat house going on there!  It would no doubt help the neighborhood…

I think the woman needs to get that house NOW because otherwise where will I have those small intimate downhome fund raisers–in her backyard? In her dining room–I guess there could be two of us or something. But this was just too nice. We had a view where we could see the lake.  We could see the vinyards and the apple orchards and the humans could go out on the big patio whereas I would have my own garden room.  There was also a turret from whence I could survey my domain.

The woman just doesn’t understand that I need to look affluent NOW to get elected.


  1. I fink William with the Squillions and Kukka could chip in and get it for us. Then your mom doesn’t even haf to move in. – Sammy

  2. We think you are affluent Chey!

    pssttttttttt — what does affluent mean? Does it mean you can speak ofur languages than MEOW?


  3. Yes, you do need to present an image with all the trappings of a successful politician. Something must be done! Does anyone have any money (besides Wm)? Maybe Kukka would donate one of her tiaras with the smallest gemstones.

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