Happy Independence Day

Personally, I think this holiday was invented for cats.  After all, who is more independent?

I’ve been racing around, getting my stuff together for the local 4th of July parade. I have my own float this year.  I will be sitting upon it, waving. Gemini wants to ride on the float too, so I am allowing that. I figure this local community action stuff is a good way to build good will for my campaign in a year and a half. It just keeps getting closer!

Well, I have a million things to do.  I have to get my fur done.   A pedicure–the woman is just waiting on that–I hate them!  I need to make sure my hat style is just so and then I must oversee the finishing touches on my float.  I hope the rest of you are able to celebrate this holiday for Cats, wherever you are.


  1. Happy July 4th Chey! Enjoy the parade. We don’t go to parades ‘acause Mommy says that the are loud fire truck sirens there are they scare us. – Miles

  2. You must be a very brave and honorable kitty to command your own float.

  3. I wanna see pictors of your float, Chey! Here’s to life, liberty, an the pursuit of mousies!

  4. Haha! Yes, this is definitely the holiday for cats and kittens. London and Marlowe are celebrating by having the apartment to themselves and chowing down on kitty treats.

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