Cooling Off

Well, yesterday the heat broke.  I was quite enjoying the extra hot heat.  I love heat.   The advantage for me is that while it was so hot, Georgia was running outside for the all day nap in the shade where she claimed it was actually more comfortable than inside.   I got the run of the house!  I didn’t have to share a lap with anyone.  I only had to manage one cat. It was heavenly.

You know, managing a country may not allow me all the nap time I need.  I must go and take another nap to consider how I will fit in the necessary cat naps with running a country.   I mean what if we have something like this Middle East crisis and it happens in the middle of one of my designated nap times?   It would leave me with the age old cat question:  Human Life vs. Nap Time…


  1. well, we hear that our current purresident goes to be at 9pm efurry night, no matter what. so i don’t fink that nap time would have that much of an effect on the country – Sammy

  2. Instead of running the entire country, maybe you could consider running just the cats in it. Cats never get involved in wars and such ’cause we like things calm with plenty of time to rest.

  3. The only issue is that if I only rule cats, how can I go after total world domination? Cats should rule… even if we take naps.

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