Chey’s In Trouble

Okay, so Cheysuli has been getting a bit bossy this last week. My human noticed that I didn’t want to eat the other night, because Chey has been hissing at Gemini and I when we did. She used to do a bit of that and now she’s gotten worse. Also, she’s been nasty about stealing the places Gemini and I like to nap. My human got mad at her.

First, she’s eating in another room, with just a small amount of food and then Gemini and I get to eat our fill and she can finish the rest.

Second, she’s not blogging for a few days. I get to do it, if I want. It’s nice to have my own place to chat. I used Gemini’s blog once but it’s a fine fine thing to steal one of Chey’s places rather than have her steal one of mine! I appreciate that.

My human has been searching around online for information on cat behavior so that she can work with Chey a bit better. She really likes Pamela Bennett-Johnson. She wrote about her book,Cat vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat
Cat vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat

in Gemini’s blog and that was one of the links that came up on page one of google when she searched. She was rather upset. She did better with feline behavior. However, Cheysuli is a very dominant cat and my human is quite upset that she’s not getting along better with me and Gemini. She did find it funny that she got one of her own sites when she was looking for more information!


  1. Hi Georgia! It’s good to hear from you for once!
    We hope Chey isn’t in trouble for long! This could hurt her purrsidential run!

  2. Yes, she is worried about that. My person, though, is sufficiently mad at Chey that she isn’t sure this cat is good for the presidency…

  3. Hi Georgia

    It is nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear Chey is in trouble. I hope things get better real soon!


  4. Cat vs Cat is good, but there aren’t enuf practical solutions for an aggressive cat who doesn’t wanna play. We take treats together nicely, but as soon as the treats are all gone, Bonnie’ll swat me agin. And Mom still isn’t sure when my fites wif Bonnie are serious, play, or me wanting to play an Bonnie bein serious. Bonnie is noisy enuf when clearly playin (she chased me last night! Total play) that she doesn’t know what’s serious. When to let it go, when to brake it up? Maybe the forums at

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