Chey is still Grounded from Blogging

Cheysuli has still been banned from blogging.  My human says that she was better yesterday but she’s still not real happy.  I ate my food but off of Chey’s plate and my person doesn’t think I ate enough.  I did go back and snack.  She worries about the food thing a lot.  I have lost some weight and I know at my age, that humans tend to like cats to be a bit fuller figured.

I don’t know.  Chey just isn’t worth fighting.  Sort of beneath my radar, you know.  I used to go after everything and everyone but I don’t any more. I still cuff Gemini when she gets fresh, but I do need to teach her manners.  Chey, well, Chey is Chey and she’s not going to change.   My peson says that she is the most stubborn cat she has ever met and I think she right.   It’s amazing how differently Simone and Cheysuli use their similar personality traits in different manners.  Simone was gentle and sweet–too much so for my taste and Chey, well what can you say about a cat that doesn’t intend to stop until she achieves total world domination?


  1. Georgia

    I am a little on the stubborn side. I am always tellin’ my other brofurs and sisfurs what to do. My brofurs don’t listen to me at all, but my two sisfurs they sure do! I has to protect my Momma. She’s all mine and I don’t want anyone in my family to forget it. I sure hopes Chey will calm down a little.


  2. Georgia, tell your mom not to worry about the food thing too much. Grampa Norton weighted barely 7 lbs his whole life, and when he ran off to the Bridge to be with Ralphie, he weighed about 6 lbs. Trixie is the same way – she has always weighed about 7.5 lbs and has lost some weight lately. But, Mommy said the v-e-t said that as long as she is eating somefing efurry day, to not worry. But tell your mom about the baby food – stage 1 meats. That is what the v-e-t says to give to Trixie as a treat.

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