Broadway Synopsis

For those who are considering pre purchasing tickets to my Broadway Musical, Little Shop of Ham, I thought I’d give you a snyopsis.

Miles Meezer is a handsome Siamese who wanders into a small town in Anywhere USA and finds the Little Shop of Ham.  The man working there has a lovely little cat, named… umm… okay, Gemini (she wants the female lead) and she tells the man to feed Miles.   Alas, the health department comes and tries to get rid of the two young cats as health departments don’t like cats inside shops selling food but the two young cats run off and hide.  The man who runs the shop tries to find them, in vain and just when he thinks he has lost them for good, they appear from their hiding place!  (I can hardly blink back tears.  Oh wait, cats don’t cry..)

At any rate, Miles, being Miles asks for more and more ham until he becomes the biggest Siamese in the world and achieves total World Domination because of his size…

I have a thing for Total World Domination don’t I?

Songs will include the already previewed “Little Shop of Ham,” and “Feed Me.”  Also Gemini and Miles will sing

“Suddenly Miles.”  Other performances will include “Closed for Renovation,” and “Suppertime.”

I’ve had the woman talk to a man she knows in theater back in Portland and he said, “You have cats who want to do a Broadway play?” And she said yes and said how do we get on Broadway.   Apparently he hung up.  How specist is that?!


  1. Miles tried to read this, but only gotted to the “handsome siamese” part and went off screeching “i’m handsome, Chey said i’m handsome” and running around like his tail was on fire. a broadway play will surely give him a big head. but it sounds like the purrfect part for him. – Sammy

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