Broadway for Miles..

I am not pleased about what the woman helped Gemini write about me… I am NOT a bad cat.  I am NOT a criminal? Does she know what she could do to my reputation?  As I pondered the thought, thinking perhaps a Broadway musical could be written about me, I had an inspiration.  I, Cheysuli, would write not just a song about another cat, but create an entire Broadway musical about him!

Yes, I would do this.

Curtain is dark, slowly rises, a deep voice beyond says, “Feed me.”  As the curtain rises higher, it says again: “FEED Me!” and then again “FEED ME!!!”  Finally! “FEED ME MOMMA FEED ME!!!!”

Suddenly the lights come up and there sits a shop, innocent looking, a laughing pig face hanging over the door, hams hanging in the windows and man behind the counter with a large knife and an assortment of small cans on the shelves.

Three lovely young humans come out, with spoons and cans singing,

“Little shop.  Little shoppa ham!

Little shop.  Little shoppa ham!

Call the cat!  Little shoppa ham.

Oh no no no…oh…”

Then on comes the most handsome young male appleheaded Siamese anyone has ever seen and the spotlight takes him and he sings:

” Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!
Feed me, Momma
Feed me all night long
That’s right, Momma
You can do it
Feed me, Momma
Feed me all night long
‘Cause if you feed me, Momma
I can grow up big and strong

Would you like to be a big wheel,
Dinin’ out for every meal?
I’m the cat that can make it all real
You gonna git it

I’m your genie, I’m your friend
I’m your willing slave
Take a chance, just feed me and
You know the kinda eats,
The kinda red hot treats
The kinda sticky licky sweets
I crave

Come on, Momma, don’t be so slow!
Trust me and know I can eat all the ham ups!
Show a little ‘nitiative, work up the guts
And you’ll git it…”

Yes, this is Little Shop of Ham, staring that up and coming cat, Miles Meezer…


  1. OH MY! A broadway musical all about ham? and me? and me and ham? holy pig!! Fank you Chey, that was wonderful and I will have hamalicious dreams now when I takes my naps.
    Feed me momma, feed me!

  2. Hahahaha! Very good. Miles is destined for stardom!

  3. That was a furry good song!
    Chey I think you should have other cats help you model different yoga poses!


  4. oh, and fank you so much for saying that i am a most handsome meezer. i ‘preciate the compliment! – Miles

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