Saving Kukka-Maria

Well, Kukka-Maria has been sprung from prison. It’s about time. I made a squillion phone calls to senators. Fortunately my own senators were happy to go to bat, as was Brian Baird, the congressman from my former living area. My current congressman does not take calls from cats. I will be working on the election for his opponent this year, believe me.

It was a stressful day trying to coordinate the US government AND march in a picket line. This will be so much easier once I am president myself as I can just let her out of jail or demand that she be let out without having to go through middle people. Still, alls well that ends well.

Kukka, of course, still has me to answer to about WHY I WAS NOT INVITED to her blogiversary? I am after all the only true feline peer she has…


  1. Thanks for your phone calls…I think they did the trick, Chey! As for the invite, or lack thereof, for the party? It was a surprise party for me, so I had no control over the guest list. I will say, though, that my mom said she went chronologically along my friends list (mostly Hollywood human celebrities) and then most of them had to stand behind the velvet rope anyway!

    It’s tough being so popular…I know you understand what I’m saying!

  2. Chey, as an up-and-coming politician, perhaps it’s best not to be associated with the Hollywood riff raff that always seems to crash Kukka’s parties. You need to remain above the fray and keep a squeaky clean image!

  3. Chey, we finks that the crew is right – you should not hang around wif the riff raff that always gets kukka in trouble.

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