Wonderful Weekend

We had a wonderful time at the Catolympics.  Really, Gemini is whining that she didn’t win a medal but she only entered ONE area!  The woman is encouraging her to enter yowling the next time as well as balance beam and curling–she’s quite good at that.  High Jumping would be good for her too.

I have to admit, I couldn’t root for her for yowling as that’s Miles‘ area and I am firmly in his camp when it comes to that.  Who couldn’t be moved the way he yells for ham?!  It’s perfection.

At any rate, it was nice to get away from it all in the Big Piney woods and I would like to thank the Calico Girls and their families and everyone involved with the Catolympics for their generous support of time and effort.  I’m set for another week of working on my presidential candidacy website and talking to people about fund raising. It’s really not that much different than demanding food…


  1. Fank you Chey for the nice werds about my yowling. I did’t get the gold, but I hadded fun and almost losted my voice!!! – Miles

  2. Miles, as a yowling connosueir, there are yowls and there are yowls. Yours is stunning! Spectacular and it moved me to tears! I can’t believe the judges didn’t see it. Perhaps they don’t love ham the way we do?

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