Videos and Music

I have decided to take everyone’s advice and do my own video.  It was tough getting Jane off the phone again last night to firmly turn her down but I wanted to be sure we were clear that she is to have no part in this venture!

The woman suggested I do a video called Yoga the Cat’s Way and I can just do my usual routine.  She advised a good voice over.   The man thinks that James Earl Jones would be the perfect voice over.  I was thinking Raquel, as she has her own yoga video–and looks darned fine for a woman of her age.  The woman thinks Patrick Stewart would be divine.   I do like that smooth Engish voice.  I also think that people got used to taking his word when we was Captain Picard, so I might have to approach him about this project.

The man did have a good suggestion last night. He said I needed a campaign song.   The woman said Cheeseburger in Paradise would work for me.  !  As if!  Ham-burger perhaps…  I thought We are the Champions, but the humans weren’t into that idea.   John Lennon’s Imagine would be nice, but it doesn’t have a beat… I’m just stymied and wonder if any of you cats had ideas for the perfect campaign song?


  1. How about “stray cat strut”? I know you’re not a stray cat, but we loves dancing to that song. – Miles

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