The First Publicity Ad

Since the dawn of time, MAN has waged war, allowed others to live in poverty and destroyed the earth with inventions.
Since the dawn of time, Human rulers have been corrupted by power and money.
Now, the government of the United States, one of the largest countries in the world, is being eaten away by corruption from within. No matter what color you are, red or blue, the government can’t work together, torn by partisanship.
We need a new leader.
A leader who can rise above petty human squabbles.
Vote Chey for President 2008


  1. Excellent ad Chey! Total World Domination!

  2. World Domination! Yes, yes! We need to put a cat in the oval office (and not just as a pet!)

    We’re so pleased to see your first campaign ad. When you’re elected, will your human move to DC with you? Will Georgia & Gemini be given cabinet level appointments?

  3. Remember Chey to appeal to your catstituents.


  4. Finally, a catitician I can stand behind with pride! You’ve got my vote, Chey!

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