The Catnip Lobby.

First, I would just like to note that I am very glad, despite bugs on this site that my site is not on blogger! We’ve been having trouble commenting this whole morning and Gemini hasn’t even been able to make any additions to her announcement post.

At any rate, yesterday I was contacted by Cleo from the catnip lobby. Apparently they think I am the best potential candidate to serve their needs. While my stance on catnip is solid (I don’t use), they understand that many of my voters DO and I’m the one most likely to promote their interests. Certainly they were impressed when I suggested that we use catnip as a form of biodiesel.

At any rate, they want me to start my fund raising in earnest and have agreed to set me up with potential doners.  However they want to know what I can raise on my own in the next 6 months. I considered a mass campaign early on, but I don’t want to peak too soon. I want to be fresh when campaigning starts in earnest in early 2008 and that’s over 18 months away. So I have decided my best course of action is to contact some congomlerates to get them on board.

I have an appointment set up with Nell Newman of Newman’s Own Organics. I expect that they will see my campaign as worthwhile. Besides, the Woman is just so thrilled that I might get to see “Pa”. We eat their canned food you know and I quite like it. The Woman likes it because they advertise that a portion of their profits go to pet charities as well.

The man said he’d get me into see his boss. I have high hopes as the man works at Microsoft and I look forward to meeting Mr. Gates! Sammy do you think you can make it tomorrow at 1 PM PDT?


  1. Chey, I believe I can teleport ofur there at 1pm – that would be 4pm our time. – Sammy

  2. Excellent Sammy! I’ll see you then.

  3. I can not wait for you to be president! With Sammy behind you, you are unstoppable!

  4. Interesting, Chey. We knew the guy made salad dressing, but didn’t know about his cat food line. Maybe they don’t sell it here in Whisk-onsin. That would be a plus for your campaign, to have a corporate sponsor.

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