Phil has the Last Word

Well, after the woman decided I was just horrible about “stealing” the fish, she went and laid down.  There was a knock on the door, that sounded much like Phil so I answered it.   I got in trouble for that later on, as I was told I shouldn’t open the door unless I look out at the person first… Well, umm hello… did you notice how high the peep hole is?

At any rate, Phil came back to let me know that the crew of Amazing Zeus had paid for the fish. Apparently the sight of a 7 pound cat running away with a 200 pound fish was one of the most amazing sights they’ve had on any of their shows and they didn’t want me to get in trouble for such a feat.   Those who watch may remember that at one detour teams had to carry a large fish.  Apparently Gemini, Georgia, Zeus and I made better time than most of those teams. At any rate, it seems Phil is quite the fan and he wanted to be sure there weren’t any questions on my bid for the presidency either.

Finally, Phil looked terribly embarrassed but he said he was also hoping to get my autograph. I was only too happy to give it to him and he was thrilled.    It’s lovely to send a fan happily on their way.


  1. Phil has a crush on you!

  2. Chey

    THAT was an amazing thing you did by catching that fish during the AMAZING ZEUS! I know that established you as a major TV star! See you already have people clammering for your autogragh. Exposure is good for your upcoming candidancy!


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