Our meeting at Microsoft

Okay, so the man got us a meeting with his boss. I should have known that from the man, this was a trick. He just doesn’t take my seriously.   My apologies to Sammy for coming out here for nothing.
I thought he meant Bill Gates. Who else would be helpful? The man, unfortunately doesn’t work directly for Bill Gates.  He works for a regular guy and it’s the regular guy who wants to see me! Apparently his wife has Siamese cats and wanted him to check me out. What a waste of time. Sammy teleported out here and we had our notebooks for running the internet and to take notes to see what sorts of things Bill might need from us once we were in power, but no, I am sitting with a stocky looking man who was more interested in the contrast between Sammy’s appleheaded face and my wedge shaped face!

Not only was it a waste of time, it was humiliating.

Just wait until I get the Man alone…


  1. Don’t worry about it Chey. I enjoyed teleporting out there to see you. That man was just about as dumb as humans come though. I told my mommy about it, and she said that if all he has to do during the day at werk is to compare appleheads and wedge heads, then she wants his job. – Sammy

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