More Meetings.

I had a lovely chat with Melinda Gates.  She gave me Bill’s apologies but as he’s making a transition, there was just no time to meet with me.  I demurred and explained how silly it was of me to have thought I was going to meet him last week.  She found the story quite amusing, however she was concerned about the man’s boss needing more to do.  That’s an area that will pick up I”m sure. Perhaps it will keep the man out from underfoot so much.

At any rate, Melinda was suitably impressed. As the foundation is non profit, they can’t pledge money to me, but she and chatted about the possibility of Bill perhaps finding someone who can raise money for me and set these meetings up. I’ve just been working the fur off my paws with all these phone calls.  While the initial thrill of meeting these big name people is there, it does become tiring and it would be nice to turn that over to someone responsible.  Gemini, I said RESPONSIBLE.

Gemini means well but she is a young cat and just doesn’t always come through…

So I have a bit of time to rest before getting out and about for more fund raising and consciousness raising for humans. After all a cat in the White House was a big enough deal with Socks and he was only First Cat. Just think when the cat has a first family.. Oh dear.. does that make the man the “first man”?  Dreadfull..

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