More Fund Raising Ideas

After a hard weekend of battling the man and showing him my displeasure, I have pulled myself up from my bootstraps and have new plans for my fund raising.   I am meeting Nell tomorrow and I look forward to talking with her.

I already called Patty this morning and she has set up an appointment with Melinda Gates for the end of the week. I am not having Sammy teleport all the way out here. Besides, I’m not sure she has a lot to do with the company.   I have high hopes of getting the man in trouble. Of course I would hate to get him in too much trouble as it’s his work that keeps me in my fine fine cat food that the Woman buys.  I’ll have to think on this.

I have call into Al Gore’s people.  I suspect that as an environmentalist, he should’t be specist and I have high hopes that he’ll get excited about my nipothal fuel cars.   He also has a personal fortune, so perhaps he will even donate?

I am trying for some television interview time and I have a call into Oprah, but this seems to be a bit early for her.  Okay so I called hours ago, at 6 AM Chicago time and no one was at her studio to answer my call!  Still I think she could be a good source.  She does seem to think highly of Kukka Maria and I may have to play on our friendship.  I look forward to hearing back on that.

Does anyone else have other sponsor ideas–people who are not specist and have the potential to donate to my campaign? I should have a ball but I’m just not a party planner.  Perhaps, Kukka, as we get closer to election time, you would be willing to throw a fund raiser like that?


  1. You betcha, Chey! I would love to throw a fund-raiser. While Oprah and I have had our tiffs in the past, she had me on the show after the Oscars and treated me kindly.

    I don’t hold a grudge against her. I’ll try calling her for you.

  2. How about Oprah? She’s got tons of money and loves animals, too. Proven by the fact that her dogs live better than most people. Kukka-Maria can probably give you some insight here, since she knows Oprah personally.

  3. Whatever you said Kukka Maria, it worked! She called back PERSONALLY and BEGGED me to be on her show. I’ll be going into the studio on Wednesday to tape the show. Excellent.

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