My meeting with Nell Newman was everything I could have dreamed. They are very interested in me as a candidate and have no specist ideas about what a cat can and can’t do.

Of course she was struck with what a fine looking cat I am and was hoping to add my face to the photos on their cat food but I really can’t be endorsing a certain cat food when I am running for office.

Nell had lots of questions about running cars on catnip and wanted to be sure I’d be advocating organic catnip as well. She made a few calls to organic farmers in the area and when I returned in the afternoon I spent much of that time fielding calls from these farmers. My support base is growing!

I am off to do my fur because today I tape my Oprah show!


  1. We can’t wait to hear ’bout the Oprah show!

  2. If cars can run on switchgrass ethanol, why not catnip. It is a renewable fuel source, after all.

  3. Oh boy Chey, you’re going to be on Oprah! That’ll be lots of fun to see!
    Happy to hear the meeting when so well.


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