Lunch With Chey

I was going to let Gemini write as she let me post photos on her blog, but blogger is being very strange about posting and publishing.   At first it wouldn’t load my photo at all and then it just started loading and publishing the post over and over and over again!  While I love me, let’s face it, I don’t want to be too much of a hog!

I did hear that lunch with Warren Buffet is up for auction on ebay and is going for $450,000 and I guess there is still more time to go on the auction.   It suggests to me that perhaps I could raise funds by auction lunching with myself.   This could be great publicity as well as fund raising!  Thank you Warren!


  1. Wow, you have been very busy Cheysuli. When do they start the actual choosing a President, I don’t know how long it takes? (election campaigns here only last for about a month). We have been having loads of problems with Blogger too, sometimes it will let us post pictures and sometimes it won’t.

  2. Of course, mostly they only run for about 6 months but I figure as a cat, I need to get started a bit sooner to get momentment. We have all this specism to overcome in only TWO years!

  3. You’ve been furry furry busy Cheysuli. I’m gonna get Mommy to put your link on our blog. Is there anyfing else we can do to help your campaign? Well, that don’t cost money. We don’t got no money. And Mommy gets mad if we steals her credit card.

  4. Lunch w/Chey sounds like a good idea. If the going rate for lunch with a bigwig is $1000 a plate, you’d have to put out a pretty good lunch. You know, most of us don’t have our own money, but WE know where Mom puts her purse!

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