Interspecies marriage

Okay, this was brought up to me this weekend. Someone was commenting on gay marriage and said “Okay and then they’ll be saying they want to marry the goat.” And it begs the question of interspecies marriage. I see no correlation between gay marriage and interspecies marriage. After all, it’s unlikely that gay marriage will make the goat want to marry the human. Most four leggers have more sense.

Humans, however, don’t seem to get that. I’d see the goat marriage as sort of a glorified slavery for the goat. I see this for cats, dogs and any other creatures.  After all, humans seem to think they “own” us when in fact, it is we who do all the work.  Hence, before I can have a stand on interspecies marriage, I need to see to it that specism has gone.  There must be equal rights in any marriage, so therefore both parties must have equal rights.  They must love each other freely.

Therefore, I must step in and say interspecies marriage is not something I can support in today’s world. Who knows what changes my presidency may be the catalyst for but for now, I am against it.  I also don’t understand why any cat would want to marry a human. They are, after all, so inferior. Yes, cats like Kukka-Maria have their boy toys, but who doesn’t like that kind of thing  A life long commitment, where the human is an equal is tough to imagine…


  1. Chey

    I can’t see what we would gain marrying our beans? We have the best of all worlds now! I would suggest that we allow them to adopt us and have FULL legal rights so that they could leave us well compensated if something were to happen(gasp!) to our beloved beans. My Momma worries about this now. Who would take care of me if somefink were to happen to her? She says the laws are so unfair, they don’t reck-cog-nice us as equals.

  2. Hmph. Marry a human? Why? They consider us to be their children. They spoil us, coddle us, feed us, and clean up after us. What more can you want? Also, I know my humans have made arrangements for us to stay with the grandparents in case anything happens to them. Grampa would spoil us almost as much as the Mom does already.

  3. Ayla, this is my point. There is no reason–except as humans might think so. Hence I come down AGAINSt interspecies marriage…

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