I could have Gone

The woman is frantically trying to sell some Cirque De Soleil tickets that the man had purchased.  As he is gone now, unexpectedly (I bet it’s because of how he treated me!), they can’t go.  Certainly the woman could go if she wanted to.  She says she doesn’t really know anyone in the area to take.

Hello?!  What about me. I am quite the acrobat when I want to be and have no problems giving my opinions.  I could be the perfect companion for the show.  She just doesn’t see it.  She says she supports me for my campaign for president but has she done anything?  Do I have a website devoted to my presidential campaign?  I need to get out there NOW woman!  I suspect she is humoring me.


  1. Yes, if you’re going to be a serious candidate, you definitely need to be “out there” and take advantage of every photo opp. You must improve your public image Chey, but don’t let it get to the point where poor Kukka-Maria is at…hounded by the press day & night!

  2. still no respect for you Chey? We’re preparing a speshul Presiden-shul bed for you at our house.

  3. Aren’t you in Cirque De Soleil, Chey? I thought I saw your photo on their print ads…

  4. It must have been from a prior Cirque. I was a featured performer, but decided all the road time was getting tiresome.

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