Chey takes a Break

Finally, the woman will be gone and that will allow me to think a little more clearly. No more hugs and pets and her eating food that I have to try and get to distract me. I can write some speeches and clarify some of my campaign ideas!  I can make some more calls, though no long distance as she will have her cell phone. I wonder if she ever notices that the months the minutes are over there are calls that she has not placed?

Gemini is also going traveling so I will have the place mostly to myself–except Georgia and she doesn’t bother me.   She lets me make my calls without the constant: “Who are you TALKING to?”  “Who is it, Chey?” that Gemini does.  There’s no, “Can I help? HUH HUH? Can I?” and then she does nothing except watch me teach her to do what I am doing.   Ah vacation!

The man will be around, of course, but he’s pretty good at giving me food.   I hate having to feed myself. Well I don’t really, as I feed myself better tasting stuff than what they give me, still I have to work.  And they seem to think it’s a bad thing.  All in all this could be a grand vacation!


  1. have fun on your bay-k-shun Chey! – Miles

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