Well so there I was getting ready to post to my blog and it’s been messed up. I don’t know why.   Neither the woman nor myself has changed anything for over 24 hours and when we changed back the link to cafepress to get rid of it, it continues to have my entire sidebar at the bottom.   We’re not sure why that has happened. Nothing has changed in the CSS and we certainly haven’t done it!  It’s strange when computers do things on their own.

I’m glad that I have cats I can count on, like Sammy, to oversee internet problems after I am elected.   No more internet bugs.  Cats are great at chasing and catching bugs.   Who better to stamp out online bugs than a cat?  It can be part of my platform.


  1. Amen sister!
    I’m behind you 100%!


  2. yeah, we don’t see your sidebar on the ferst page, and then when we click comments, we see the sidebar. I will fix all of this after you are elected. – Sammy

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