Back to the Fund Raising Grind

I called Jane Fonda yesterday and she got back to me this morning.  She’s quite excited about having another political cause to jump on.  However, after chatting with me, she started talking about doing a yoga video together.  Apparently there is a movement for humans and dogs to do yoga together and she thinks I could be the figurehead for yoga with cats!

Why any cat would want to minimize their stretching so that humans can attempt to keep up with us, I don’t know.  There are just some things that we are good at and yoga is one of them.   I tried to explain that to Jane, but you know, once she gets an idea she just won’t let go.

She did point out that my face on a video that tens of cat lovers would buy so that they could enjoy the ancient art of yoga with their cat could be a big factor in my winning the election.   I have put her off with the ever present I’ll think about it phrase.  She is the rare human who goes beyond the stare…  Would that I had known that before contacting her for funds!


  1. Chey

    You could do a yoga video on your own and sell more copies…Jane’s just trying to use your mass appeal.


  2. Well, she’s in pretty good shape for an old broad (65+ isn’t she?) but we agree with Abby. She’s trying to make a comeback and using you to do it!

  3. I agree with Abby (my sweet) – you have so much more appeal on your own – don’t associate yourself wif Jane – my mommy says that many many people are still mad at her for her stuff in the 60’s – Sammy

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